Colombo Airport Terminals

Colombo airport has currently two main terminals for passengers and another one is under construction. These terminals are named as: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.


Terminal 1

It handles international flights and it is the largest and oldest terminal at Colombo airport.

In total it has 12 gates and the departure and arrival areas are separated horizontally.

Terminal 1 consists in one main terminal building with one concourse that has gates from 6 to 14.


The terminal has 2 lounges located on the upper level (departures): Palm Strip Lounge and Serendib Lounge.


In the Concourse there are 3 more lounges: Executive, Araliya and Lotus lounges. Next to the concourse there is the Serendiva Transit Hotel and the Health Resort.

In the Departures area there is as well a Duty Free shop, various shops with gifts, souvenirs, typical products, tea, ceramics, etc. There are as well food and beverages services, a pharmacy, telecommunication facilities, banking facilities or national lottery board, among others.


Some of the amenities provided at T1 are: health assistance, child care, prayer room, smoking room, dayroom reservations, etc.


Terminal 2

New, Currently under construction, it is planned to be opened during the next years. The terminal building project consists of a terminal with 8 gates.


Terminal 3

Operates with domestic flights. The terminal building has horizontally separated the arrivals and departures areas.


The airport goal is to have the capacity to handle up to 15 million passengers annually. The project is called "Phase II Stage 2" and is being funded by Japanese Government. A second runway is going to be built in the future but the date of starting hasn’t been announced yet.