Colombo Airport - Sri Lanka (CMB)

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Colombo International Airport (IATA: CMB, ICAO: VCBI), officially known as Bandaranaike International Airport and colloquially known as Katunayake Airport, is the main international airport serving Sri Lanka.


Colombo Airport (IATA: CMB) is the main airport in Sri Lanka.
Colombo Airport (IATA: CMB) is the main airport in Sri Lanka.
The airport is located 35 kilometres north of Colombo city.
The airport is located 33 kilometres north of Colombo city.
Bandaranaike International Airport (BAI) served 7,8 Million passengers in 2014.
Bandaranaike International Airport (BAI) served 9,8 Million passengers in 2017.
There is only one terminal in Colombo Airport.
 There are three terminals in Colombo Airport.
The tourism in Sri Lanka is growing very fast.
The tourism in Sri Lanka is growing very fast.
It is located 33 km north of Colombo (in a suburb of Negombo). The Airport was named after former SWRD Bandaranaike Prime Minister. The airport is one of the busiest hub airports in South Asia and operates direct flights to Asian, European, USA, Oceania and Middle East destinations.
Colombo Airport is the hub of SriLankan Airlines (One World alliance) and Cinnamon Air. Some airlines have seasonal flights, both passenger and cargo. In 2017, 9,805,045 passengers used the CMB airport. The airport is currently being expanded to handle 15 million passengers.



Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB), has three terminals: the International Terminal (T1) and the domestic terminal (T3) and one cargo terminal. Terminal 2 is under construction, it’s planned to be finished by 2019.


- Terminal 1: It has 12 gates and handles international flights until the opening of Terminal 2. Arrival and departure areas are separated horizontally. More info


- Terminal 2: It is planned to open in 2019 to handle international flights.


- Terminal 3: It handles domestic flights. Arrivals and departures are separated horizontally. More info


Arrivals and Departures levels of the terminals offer different services and facilities as Duty-Free shops, Lounges, Shops, Restaurants, hotels, among others.


See more Services here.

Future developments

The airport is currently being expanded to be able to serve up to 15 million passengers. The project is called "Phase II Stage 2" and is being funded by Japanese Government.


New Terminal

A two tier passenger terminal with arrivals and departures physically separated as found in most modern airports will also be constructed.


New Runway

The government has decided to invest on a second runway at the airport, enabling the A380 to land in Colombo, but the calendar to do that has not been announced yet.


Colombo Airport has the following means of transportation available for their passengers:


Bus: There are direct express buses from the airport to Colombo central bus stand in 60 minutes. More info


Shuttle: Shuttle bus services or private transportation is one of the best options but you will have to book it in advance.


Train: There is rail line linking the airport to Colombo called "Colombo Airport Express Rail" and operates as a shuttle. The station is not at the terminal itself. More info


Taxi: The Airport Taxi Service operates with a fleet of over 600 vehicles. The phone number is +94 (11) 2252861 Ex. 3097. More info


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Colombo Airport in numbers

- 9.8 Million passengers in 2017 and 58,460 aircraft movements.

- 1.2 Million transit passengers

- 39 check-in desks

- 2 operating terminals

- 1 new terminal under construction

- Over 27 airlines

- 45 destination cities

- 1 runway (04/22 3350m long)

- 3445 employees

- 1st busiest airport in Sri Lanka

- Busiest routes: Male, Chennai, Dubai, Singapore and Doha.


Contact information

Address: Canada Friendship Rd, Katunayake 11450, SRI LANKA
Telephone: +94 11 226 4444


Lost and found

Phone: 011 225 2861 - Ext. 3048

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